Saturday, May 3, 2008

Four Degrees of Democrat

Type 1 Democrats:
Productive working people seeking a fairer shake.

Type 2 Democrats:
Down with whitey crowd. Type 2 Democrats are further delineated into the Type 2B, Type 2H, and Type 2J varieties.

Type 3 Democrats:
Believing college graduates who have not subsequently spent time in either the military or the private sector. The female pictured above is a Type 3 Democrat.

Type 4 Democrats:
Rich guys gaming democracy. Reverend Wright with his multi-million dollar home in a gated white neighborhood, Obama with his multi-million dollar mansion, and the Clintons are the most visible Type 4 Democrats, but essentially all elected officials, Democrats and Republicans alike, are Type 4.

Clarification: By no means are all members of demographic groups Type 2s. I judge that many (most?) Hispanics are Type 1s or Republicans.

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glasgowtremontaine said...

I am confused by your classificatory system, for several reasons. Here's one:

I have seen the woman's photograph before, on Do you know her? How can we tell whether she has worked in the private sector?